Eblast 6 is here!

The long awaited Eblast 6 is here! Check it out through our Social page through the “eBlast 6” link here: http://dcfnetworking.wix.com/dcf2#!social/c24jq


directly here: http://www.dcfclothing.com/Listserv/eblast6.html


Thanks and enjoy! More to come May 10th!


Lift Off Lift Off! @ Salsa Y Mas!

Lift Off Lift Off! @ Salsa Y’Mas
DCF Clothing will be in the building for this event! This is your next opportunity to get your hands on the newest DCF shirts. Come out and show your support, have some drinks, and dance! Also, Pre-Order is available for all merchandise if you are not able to order it online. Get lifted!LiftOffFlyer