The Beginning

The idea behind Don’t Catch Feelings Clothing Company, LLC (a.k.a. DCF Clothing, LLC) was born on Oct. 12th, 2011. On Feb. 29th, 2012, DCF Clothing, LLC was presented to the world and has been going strong ever since.

The Essence of “Don’t Catch Feelings”…

The Purpose

The purpose of DCF is to create masculine clothing for women. The purpose is also to bring us closer as a community by providing self empowerment through outer appearance. DCF is more than clothes but a persona, way of life, and your own definition of identity. DCF represents you as a masculine female to be and look your best in everything you do. Fems we didn’t forget about you…we have apparel for everyone.

Our Mission

The ultimate goal of DCF Clothing, LLC is to provide greater visibility to ethnic minorities in the LGBTQ community by providing resources from grants to donations to benefit minority sponsored LGBTQ organizations and projects. Through its products DCF wants to be the #1 providier of LGBTQ programming with the fan base to prove it. Every contribution made to DCF will bring it one step closer to the development of the LGBTQ community while looking good at the same time.

Our Logo

The logo incorporates the acronym of our name surrounding a pawn. The queen is often mistaken as the most powerful piece on the board, however it is the pawns who begin moving forward in order for the queen to be released. In our eyes the Queen is “the movement” we are trying to accomplish which is greater visibility of the minority LGBTQ community but it is the Pawns “our customers and supporters” who allow for the movement to be unleashed just by purchasing clothes and looking good.  Just like in the game of chess, once the pawn accomplishes it’s goal of reaching the other side of the board, the pawn has a choice to be whatever it wants to be. Be a Pawn of the Movement.

Our Motto

“It’s not just a concept, It’s a Movement!”

The Concept

The concept is as simple as the words that made it. Just picture you’re at a club and you meet a lady and you have a few drinks. Next thing you know, the lady is calling herself your girlfriend and you haven’t even left the club. The only thing you can think to say to her is, “Don’t catch feelings.” You only wanted a drink and she wants a relationship. The message is don’t catch feelings to quickly about someone you don’t know much about.

Another example would be with someone you do know alittle better. Picture you are having lunch with an ex-girlfriend and everything is going well. All of a sudden she asks to go back to your place. The only thing you can say to her is, “Don’t catch feelings.” In any situation be mindful that just becasue there is history that doesn’t mean things go back to the way they used to be. The concept revolves around not catching feelings too soon in any situation. Try not to get your feelings hurt by catching feelings.

The Movement

Simply put, the movement is one against ignorance. There is no reason for people to “catch feelings” about a lesbian couple walking in a store, a gay person just walking down the street, or a masculine identified female shopping in the men’s section of the department store. We are not out to make people feel a certain way, but rather teach them to keep their negative opinions about the life of an LGTBQI individual to themselves. In essence, “Don’t catch feelings about my life and I won’t catch feelings about yours.”


Kendra Scott, Chief Executive Officer
Kendra is the CEO of Don’t Catch Feelings Clothing Company, LLC and she wears the title well. From the beginning she has had big plans for the company and all those who wear its clothes. For her the company is not just creating clothes but creating a movement to make change in the world of the LGBTQ community. Beyond DCF Clothing, Kendra is very involved in her community and loves to be where the action is when it comes to positive change.

Marquita Johnson, Chief Creative Officer

Marquita is the brand and creative direction of DCF Clothing, LLC and she does her best to give the poeple what they want. Through pushing DCF Clothing. LLC on the social scene, she has created a brand like no other. From logo to presentation she has the LGBTQ community hooked on what DCF Clothing, LLC has to offer. Outside of DCF Clothing, LLC Marquita is a creative mind as well. Through her sorority and other organizations she leaves her mark while also taking time out for family.



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